A very brief record of the renovation of a
Wooden Drascombe Longboat 'Otter'

A larger collection of photographs can be seen here.

The complete story told day-by-day can be seen here.

This is 'Otter' as I first saw her.

She was obviously rotten.

This is the same inverted boat after I had stripped back all the rotten wood. All that was left was the deck (the underside of which you can see here), the top two strakes (the bottom two were rotten) and the transom.

I replaced the hog, centreboard case, rudder trunk and some frames.

You can't see the new centreboard case but here is the slot that I cut in the hog.

Here I have replaced the sides of the cockpit and am fitting new strakes.

The port side stakes epxied in place.

After tuning the boat the right way up I built a cabin.

Outside so that I could fit the mast in the new tabernacle.

Into the water for the first time.



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