A record of the renovation of a
Wooden Drascombe Longboat 'Otter'

9th November 2006 Took Otter off trailer

Towed Otter to local farm. Previously had made frame to enable me to turn her over.

I used the method invented by Peter Goad as described in Watercraft No 60: November/December 2006. Never has the solution to a problem appeared at such an opportune moment.

He describes how he turned over the hull of the Cape Henry that he is building using some beams, wheels and a hoist.

He started with the inverted hull and needed to get it the right way up. I was doing the reverse and found that I had to use a couple of horizontal block and tackle as well.

Backwinched her off the trailer. At this point all the load is on the rear swinging cradle and the trailer is bending! Rear end of car is lifted, too.

The vee part of the swinging cradle dug into the ground so I had winch the boat forward, again, and put some wood underneath.

Then, when I drove the car forward, the trailer would slide along the wood.

She finally comes off.

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