A record of the renovation of a
Wooden Drascombe Longboat 'Otter'

11th November 2006. Turned Otter over

Today is the day!

Connected the hoist to the cross beam.

Put a mattress underneath.

I haven't said anything about the frame, yet.

As you can see, it is made from 2"x4" timber bolted together with M10 threaded rods.

200mm dia. wheels from Screwfix on 20mm shafts.

Spacer blocks turn each part into a sort of wooden I-beam.

I used the tie-down straps to hold the boat against the beams.

You can see where I have made blocks to support the boat when it is on its side.

I used a chain hoist secured as high up as I could get

Then I started to pull with the hoist.

Here you can see a block and tackle connected to chains which are connected to the beam next to the wheels.

Carried on lifting.

You can just see the chains going under the boat from each end of the beam. As I lifted I kept taking up the slack on these horizontal chains to take the load off the beam which is bending.

The centreplate came out at this point. I discovered that the lifting winch is connected to the plate by a rope that attaches to the eye at the rear of the plate. So the rope will be dragging in the water when the plate is right down.

Carried on lifting and adjusting the horizontal pull.

And lifting

And lifting.

Nearly there.

I then attached a block and tackle to give a horizontal pull to the get the top beam against the stanchion.

Almost upright.

Tight in at the top.

And at the bottom.

Now I start to pull the bottom beam out.

Forgot to take any pictures as she came down.

Basically I released some vertical tension then pulled the wheels out a bit and so on until she started to descend under her own weight.

I kept the horizontal pull on the top beam.

Put blocks under the beams.

Transferred the hoist to the outer beam.

And lifted that side up.

Finally, she is up on blocks.

Ready to run the trailer underneath in the morning.

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