A record of the renovation of a
Wooden Drascombe Longboat 'Otter'

22nd November 2006. "She looks like a L'otter work!" DH


I have dug out the rotten garboard (plywood) from between the keelson and the hog. The hog looks 95% sound. I will have to remove the keelson before I can fix the new garboards.
Some samples of the fibreglass that have been liberally applied inside the hull. Luckily, whoever did it (and you know who you are) didn't remove the paint first so it didn't bond and was easy to remove.
A large area of the floor is covered in fibreglass.
After I had removed the grp skin on the outside, the fibreglass is revealed. Whoever did it must have removed all the rotten ply until they came to the thin outside skin and filled it with a huge amount of glassfibre.
It was difficult to remove. When measured it was 18mm thick (to replace 9mm plywood).
Also the side of the centreboard case is rotten and has been given the same treatment.
Strangely, this plaque is on the side of the centreboard winch box.

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