A record of the renovation of a
Wooden Drascombe Longboat 'Otter'

26th November 2006. Starting to get philosophical

Going to have to remove the keelson so tried digging out the rotten ply right the way through and inserting a saw. It worked!

Just got to saw the length of the keelson.


All the brass screws are in poor condition. Most of then just crumble.

Carried on removing rotten plywood. As I am going to fit a new garboard (each side) I will have to remove the sound wood up to the chine. This will be more difficult than removing rotten wood.

At the front of the keelson the single piece of wood is tapered out and three layers are scarfed in for the curve of the stem.

Nice bit of work but they will have to go.

Whilst the hull seems to be soundly built the fittings and the pads behind them are amateurish.

This one still has the dowels from a joint intact.


Any bit of wood would do!

Philosophical bit. Turning a problem into an opportunity.

I thought that I would be repairing local rot but this project has grown. I will now be rebuilding major parts of the boat.

One thing I have always wanted to do is build a boat. Now I have the opportunity to virtually do that as I plan to add a cabin and make her into a Cruiser.With the rotten wood removed I am starting with a half built boat. (No need for moulds) I can tailor her as I please. No need to get a License (unobtainable) but I could do with some plans.

See video at YouTube

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