A record of the renovation of a
Wooden Drascombe Longboat 'Otter'

31st December 2006. Trimmed strakes back to glue line.

After cutting back the rotten part of the strakes I had to cut back the sound wood to the glue line ready for fitting new strakes.

This photo shows the inside of a strake (blue paint) with a few millimetres of the next strake still attached. (Bottom right is a bulkhead)

The white circle is where a hole, used to bolt the strakes whilst gluing, has been filled after the bolt has been removed.

It has hard work. First I sawed as much wood off as I could then I planed it and, finally, pared it with a chisel. Nearly three days work!

The joint at the stem will be tricky to recreate. Fairly easy if building a new boat but difficult if inserting a new strake.

The hog at the stem.

A view of the hog with the keelson removed down to the glue line.

I also cut back the second strake where it was rotten on both sides.

See video at Youtube

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