A record of the renovation of a
Wooden Drascombe Longboat 'Otter'

6th January 2007. Plan B

Some modifications to plan A.

The mizzen mast is stepped on the deck with 4 shrouds. I will remove the ply behind the rudder case so that I can convert it to an unstayed mast later.

Also I will scarf the new hog into the existing hog near the transom.

I have removed the rotten plies from the transom area. I will replace them with a suitable number of layers of glass cloth and epoxy.

The port side of the outboard well is worse than the other areas. Most of the plies are weak. I have left the last two in place and will build it up with glass cloth. I considered replacing that side with new ply but it would be quite difficult. As I am applying GRP over all this area it will all join up and form a strong unit.


Also finished removing all paint and the strange primer/filler.

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