A record of the renovation of a
Wooden Drascombe Longboat 'Otter'

22nd January 2007 Wood arrived & Git-Rot test results

The Iroko that I ordered from Robbins Timber has finally arrived. Some of it looked a bit bent!

I ordered it on 4th January 2007 and they debited my credit card the same day but they took 18 days, instead of the 10 days that they promised, to deliver it.

These are the samples that I applied Git-Rot to on the 17th January 2007. I have sawn through each sample and planed it smooth.

Ply A

The Git-Rot, when prodded, is still slightly soft. It has been in the house so it should have cured properly.

As you can see, the Git-Rot has not spread very far. This is because the surrounding wood is not rotten! I thought that this piece was rotten but I seem to have hit a solid part.

Solid Iroko.

This piece, though slightly soft on the surface, turns out to be rot-free inside!

Ply B

This piece did have rotten plies and you can see how the Git-Rot has traveled along the grain of each ply.

What appears to have happened is that the Git-Rot has traveled down the endgrain which the drilled hole exposed but has not traveled across the grain.

The ply is 17mm thick and the maximum distance that the git-Rot has traveled is about 20mm.


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