A record of the renovation of a
Wooden Drascombe Longboat 'Otter'

8th June2007. Rigged Otter

Today I moved Otter outside and rigged her. First I had to shorten the mast. I want to use the existing standing rigging so I had to cut off just the right length.

As you can see I took three attempts to get it right.

With the standing rigging taut the the mast is standing on the support without a pivit pin in place. In fact I haven't drilled the hole through, yet.

Looks like I have about four degrees of rake. (I think it should be two.) There are two shrouds each side and two forestays!

First the foresail. It has a fairly low clew. (compared with Siobhan.)

Next the main. I have a choice of seven sets of parrel beads. (I had boxes and buckets full of bits included when I bought Otter.)

Is it me or does the gaff look disproportionally short compared with the mast?

Only one set of reefing points.

Otter does not have the usual anchor points in the quarters to give a conventional M shape mainsheet layout.

There was a nice two pulley block with a jammer so I rigged that up. It gives a three to one purchase rather than the conventional four to one.

I will try it but with the jammer removed to start with.

Lots more blocks to choose from.

Lastly, the mizzen sail. Seems quite small.

The mizzen mast is deck mounted with four stays.

All together.

There is a second foresail. Seems to be the same size as the first. It also has two sets of reefing points like the first.


Watch video on YouTube

Bits I need:-

Jib fairleads and jammers

Mainsail downhaul jammer.

Halliards -I am planning to run them through loose pulleys at the foot of the mast then round pulleys at the front corners of the hatch tracks then down each side of the hatch to jammers on the back edge of the roof either side the hatch.

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