A record of the renovation of a
Wooden Drascombe Longboat 'Otter'

4th December 2008. Modified Hatch.

I didn't like the removable hatch (Mk 2) which I installed when I lowered the roof last winter. It took up too much room when it was off and needed to be manhandled back into place.

So I came up with a design for a low sliding hatch going into a bottomless garage. After a lot of planning, I finally took the saw to the roof...

...and removed a big chunk.

Then I reinforced the edges.

I made the hatch and garage tops from two sheets of 6mm ply bonded together after I had steamed them into a curve.

For runners I used some channel-section white plastic for the tracks and small plastic blocks on the hatch.

Onto the hatch front edge I bonded a strip to deflect the water into the side channels.

The underside of the hatch.

The garage is set on strips on the roof to elevate it.

The finished hatch (before painting).

It is quite easy to slide and it has a low profile. I will paint it in the spring when the weather improves.

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